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sionna_raven's Journal

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I opened this account only to be able to leave comments for some nice people who I've met at other places and probably for one or two unpublished (mini)essays too long to be posted in a forum.
Well, things changed on July 21rst 2007; I faced the choice to dwell on anger and disappointment or move on. I don't like to be angry, so this is my attempt to move on; if only one step or two. I can't really let go of Severus.
In real life I'm a woman in late forties; a linguist working as a house wife; make healing potions from herbs I grow in my own garden. I have 2 Spanish greyhounds (Galgo Espagnol), 2 Irish greyhounds and 2 cats.
Friending policy: I'm awfully shy to make the first move, so if anyone drops by and wants to friend me, feel free to do so. If I recognize your name and/or like your journal I will friend you back. Probably will be delighted to do so.