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Fic: Snippet draft for a Snape biography

A/N: This is a piece written for a contest. Most of you know how much I detest writing for a prompt. The prompt for this pissed me off so royally that I decided to do it anyway. I thought I'd give them something to choke on. I guess I did ;)
Here's the prompt:
When we first turned the pages to Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, we instantly hated Professor Severus Snape. As Harry matured, and as his contempt for the slick-haired professor grew, so did ours. Imagine our surprise when Severus Snape turned out to be a hero. His biggest accomplishment was his ability to love, and love eternally. Thus, this month, to remember those we lost during the Battle of Hogwarts, and to properly remember the man that brought Professor Severus Snape to life, Alan Rickman, we bring you Severus Snape: A True Hero.

Your task this month is to show us what you envision one of the most moving moments of The Daily Prophet's account on Snape would be like. It can be from any time in his life, but it should be as emotional as you can craft it. It will act as a 'snippet from the existing material' that The Daily Prophet has prepared, and it should follow the conventions of biography writing, which include:

- Writing in third person.
- Providing facts/anecdotes.
- Your own take on the person's experiences (a kind of slant/bias).

I think that gives you an idea ;)

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Slytherin Book Blog

Some Slytherins, now exiled from Pottermore by Muggle greed have started a writing blog. The subjects are (and will be) not only snake-related, but anything-related, mainly around HP and magic of course, but with loops going as far as traditional magic, culture, literature, astronomy, fandom stuff, currently Halowe'en of course and much, much more. We are a team of curious snakes, keen on doing research and sharing the results with as much people as we can.
So if you have got some time, have a look! Some texts are short, others are a bit longer, or tougher, there will be something for everyone.

Fic: How Could You?

Title: How Could You?
Words: 494
Rating: PG
Summary: OotP: How could they ask me that question?

Molly has been looking at me with that motherly “I caught you with your hand in the biscuit tin” look the whole meeting. I should have gotten used to it by now. Tonks looks at me the same way, so does Minerva. They all do. All the time. I search my memory what it might have been today.

No, I'm not drunk. I have shaved. My clothes are not torn, at least not to my knowledge. I haven't taught the kids any nasty little hex to use on the Malfoy boy. Has Padfoot left a half-gnawed bone on the sofa in the drawing room? No!

Now they exchange looks. Oh, Hestia and Emmeline are also involved. How very nice. The others avoid my questioning look. Thanks for supporting me, guys. I always knew I can rely on you.

The room is empty except for Molly and Minerva. My old teacher and the Order's mother hen. Honestly, have a look at the portrait in the hall. I was raised by Walpurga Black. Do you really think you can scare me?

“Sirius… there's something that we all like to know,” Molly starts.

“We've been wondering about that for quite a while,” Minerva continues reproachfully. “We all remember you as boys. We remember how close you were.”

A pause that gives me time to wonder what's next.

“We always thought you never cared about it...” If they take turns with every other sentence, this can take a long time. “I always believed you cared for him, trusted him, were ready to stand up for him against anyone who...”

“… against anyone who would dare to look at him the wrong way for him being a werewolf.”

I admit I have no idea what they're up to. What makes them doubt I am Remus' friend?

“ How could you have believed that Remus was the traitor? How could you have thought that he had joined Voldemort?”

“Has he sent you to ask me?” The question slipped before I can stop it. It must have been the right spell to summon two harpies. “Who says I did?” I whisper. They don't hear that, of course. When has anyone ever listened to my feelings or cared about them?

“Of course, he hasn't! He always defends you, finds excuses for you, says you only draw logical conclusions. We want to know. Do you have any idea how hurt he must have been, still is? Not to be trusted by those he considered his friends?”

I want to yell back. I want to run out, before I yell back. I feel sick, choking… not to be trusted by those I consider my friends.

I clench my fists, force myself to appear calm. My eyes meet theirs. They don't stop with the accusations, all those declarations of how cruel and unfair I was. How one could treat a friend like that.

“Have you asked him the same question about me? Have you asked yourself that question?”

Pottermore: The Cup of Horror is over!

We have won!!!!! Slytherin has won the 7th House Cup on Pottermore! We started to think it would never end. We battled on against exhaustion and against the resentment of other houses.

I'm retiring now, back to writing and getting a life ;)

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Snapefest 2014

Finished my fic last night. It's now off to beta. Very relieved. :D

Runes Potion Chamber Blog

Friends of mine from the Pottermore community have this lovely blog on all things HP or PM.


They are looking for fanfiction, art, metas, personal experiences from all corners of the fandom. Yes, they even want to hear from YOU! Everthing will of course be properly credited and if you wish links to your LJ, IJ or wherever you archive your work will be given. The maximum rating for works posted in the blog is M/R.

I know many of you have some nice gen stuff that is slightly outside the kink box here on LJ. This is the place to show it to a wider audience.

Short fics can be posted directly, long fics linked. Art may be posted in low resolution with a link to your full resolution archive. The admins of the blog will pay attention to your wishes on how your work should be represented.

Rune Marauder and Lilys Black can be contacted via Facebook or leave a comment here and I'll pass it on. I've seen quite a few things from people on my f-list which would make wonderful contributions to this site. I'm not naming any of you, but I think you know for yourself who you are. You can also pimp your communities, fests or whatever you think is of interest (and suitable for a wider public ;) )

Comments on any of the blog posts are certainly welcome. C'mon, the fandom is still alive!

Pottermore Members Protest

Many of you have accounts on Pottermore, though you don't use them. I ask you anyway to help us in our protest campaign against the techincal problems, the blatant disregard of members' concerns regarding moderation and the latest random disappearances of accounts.

We have started a petition on Facebook, involving all 4 Hogwarts Houses, on behalf of one of the most popular members of Slytherin House. MidnightAuror86's account has become inaccessible due to a bug in the program and PM staff can't be bothered to recover it.

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If any of you are willing to sign please add your full Pottermore username in a comment or message it to me. Spread the banner and badge. No matter what your opinion is about the site itself, the users have built a lively community on Facebook and some forums like Runes Potion Chamber and Gryffinroar. We are a part of HP fandom ;)

Thank you in advance for any support you can offer.